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Scott Jachimski
Phone: 571-294-1687

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Fall 2019 Schedule

Spring 2019 Schedule

GMBL  Memorial Day Tournament
Tri-County Frozen Ropes
Armed Forces SlugFest - Runner Up!
Youth Baseball Nationals Myrtle Beach - Champions!
Richmond Game Day
Tri-County Dog Days of Summer - Champions!
HCYP Raiders Summer Clash - Champions!

15/16U Blue


  • Scott Jachimski  - head coach
  • Danny Felton
  • Brian  Hutchison
  • Scott Kite
  • Jody Wingard

Got a Question?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Tri-County Labor Day
Impact Baseball @Liberty Showcase
HCYP Raiders Brawl in the Fall
Tri-County NoVA Slugfest
Dynamic Baseball @UMD Showcase
SATB Columbus Day
Tri-County Halloween Havoc


  • ​Evan Blanchard 22
  • Jordan Capuano 8
  • Henry Davenport 13
  • John Farrell 11
  • Tommy Felton 5
  • Kehler Hamilton 1
  • Andrew Hitt 31
  • Brayden Hutchison 12
  • Kyle Jachimski 27
  • Easton Kite 14
  • Gianni Kubancik 7
  • Trea Shubert 3
  • Jack Wingard 29

Virginia Cannons